Day and night of equal length – Mabon guidance

Day and night the same length? This results in a very special kind of transition, which opens up very special opportunities. Because the autumn equinox is one of the two moments in the year when the world seems to stand still for a moment. Everything is possible now, it’s about finding balance, giving gratitude and already feeling the calm and retreat of the coming winter.

At a glance
  • You want to find more balance, whether for business or pleasure
  • You are in the process of personal change and are currently recognizing your needs
  • You are in the middle of the process and want to do more good for yourself
  • You want to consciously embrace gratitude
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  • Duration, approx. 2 days
  • Supporting energy field
  • Email support
  • From a distance
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What you get

  • You will receive comprehensive background information on the Celtic annual festival Mabon
  • I build an energetic field for you that protects, supports and accompanies you
  • You will receive email support in case of questions or uncertainties
  • You receive guided and protected access to the spiritual world
  • You will receive energetic support if you strive for balance and want to do more for yourself
  • The accompaniment takes place completely from a distance, or on a spiritual level. No calls or on-site appointments necessary

How the Mabon guidance works

  • Mabon
    The fall day and night same
  • Time
    When is that?
  • What you can do
    The other world
  • Harvest festival
    Some background
  • Mabon
    The term briefly explained
  • What I can do
    How does it work
The fall day and night same

Activity and retreat are in harmony, the light, the warmth and the action of summer are still there, still deep in our bones.

But the peace and quiet and the retreat of winter are already clearly noticeable. The cold and the rigidity of winter are already in the air.

It is that moment when the world seems to stand still for a moment, holds its breath briefly, steps over a threshold. We take a brief look back at the abundance of the last harvest, remembering once again the warmth and joie de vivre of summer.

And then we turn our gaze to the future, feeling a little melancholy as the dark time approaches again. Then we take heart and step over the threshold. Quite consciously, because we know that time is cyclical, must be cyclical. Because we know that the retreat in winter is just as important as the action in summer.

When is that?

There is a day and night equinox in September and one in March, i.e. a time when the day and night are exactly the same length.

The subsolar point, i.e. the point above which the sun is exactly vertical, crosses the equator.

In September, it moves from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, which marks the astronomical beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere. In March, it’s the other way around.

The equinoxes mark the astronomical beginning of spring and fall. Meteorologically, these times are different!

The other world and what you can do

As with all transitions from one phase of the annual cycle to the next, the borders to the Otherworld are thinner and more permeable than usual at Imbolc.

Which makes this festival a good time to share your own plans, thoughts and manifestations with the world.

Imbolc is ideal for manifesting the first stirrings of a new plan, a new venture. Not yet finished, with many unanswered questions perhaps, not yet as round as a finished plan. But already with the strong energy of a new beginning.

Perhaps they are still visions that are in the process of becoming more concrete. Perhaps even projects that have been in hibernation for too long and are now pushing for realization with all their might.

But perhaps it is also the desire to slowly bring our own hibernation to an end and to strive towards the light half of the year with new strength and vitality.

Whatever it is, Imbolc is a good time for the first beginnings of the new and my company creates the space for this and provides the necessary power.

A little background

The time around the autumnal equinox has always been a good occasion for harvest celebrations of all kinds.

Depending on the region and what was grown there, there were several celebrations that often lasted until the first full moon after the autumnal equinox.

Thanks were given for the farmers’ harvest, but also for their own lives and for all the good things they had received from their ancestors.

Many of these festivals, such as the potato festival or all the wine festivals, still exist today. The gathering of herbs is largely completed by Mabon and the time to collect roots and seeds begins.

The term briefly explained

Mabon is the Celtic or Welsh name for the autumn equinox.

Mabon is not the name of the festival, but that of the god behind the festival.

Mabon is the son of the mother goddess Modron, the patroness of the spiritual world and of the god Mellt, which means “lightning”. Mabon can be translated as “great son”.

Mabon disappeared without a trace when he was just three days old. His parents searched everywhere for him and eventually he was found by a blackbird, a stag and an owl in the Otherworld.

The Otherworld refers to the place where the son of the earth Mabon could be reborn as the son of light. The Otherworld is a place of transformation, just as every transition in the annual cycle is always a transformation.

What I can do

I am happy to accompany you energetically through this phase of transition, create and hold the space, provide the necessary balance and integrate you optimally into the structure of the spiritual world.

So that your visions, plans and projects get the right momentum to become concrete and realizable.


The whole thing works remotely, so you can take part anywhere in the world, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The spiritual level on which we work knows no spatial dimension.

I’ll build for you on 22.09. an energy field that supplies you with as much energy as you can accept and implement. No matter how much it is. You will remain in this field until 23.09.

And before that, I’ll give you a guide with suggestions and ways to support your plans. And of course there is email support for the entire duration and afterwards.


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