Bite your teeth …

So, the topic comes up from time to time, through clients or in the social media. Gritting your teeth or grinding your teeth at night. For children just like for us adults.
Gerhard Zirkel

I also had this for a long time, especially as a child, but also later on. I tell you, twenty years ago my dentist told me that he would get rich with me one day. Because if I keep biting like this, I won’t just get my third teeth, but also my fourth and fifth.

Yes, if I had known … I still have them all and they’re not doing too badly. I don’t know how my dentist from back then is doing, but he won’t have starved to death. But what I actually want to say is: It can be solved!

So it’s not the hunger problem from the dentist but the biting. There is something spiritual behind it.

If you grind your teeth, you don’t stand so firmly here in life. He likes to focus too much “upwards”, living in a bubble above things. Not because he’s better, but because it’s just too hard for him here on earth.

So now we’re sitting there in our bubble and it could be really nice if … well, if we didn’t have to live here somehow. I mean, we are incarnated here, now we have to get it right. Makes no sense otherwise.

And so it’s a constant back and forth between the bubble and life and it’s like a battle. And because we can’t just blurt out the pain and the effort, we just grit our teeth and then we’ll be fine. Somehow. Bisses just don’t work anymore.

And then we have the choice. We can go to the dentist and get new teeth and endure the pain.

Or we face up to the challenge, get out of the bubble and go into life. Along with all the personal responsibility that we then have to take on and all the hassle and all the noise and all the shit that is actually too much for us.

That’s a number for a start, I tell you. That hurts at first and you can’t do it alone. You have to accept help and put up with the fact that someone is helping. You have to question yourself until it’s no longer funny.

Then you had to realize that you used to be a wimp and that it wasn’t anyone’s fault and the golden horseman wasn’t coming. You’ll find it at home. Take a look in the mirror …

But that’s just the way it is with gritting your teeth. Get out of the bubble, face life, close your eyes and get through it. Then open your eyes again. If you’re already sensitive, it’s tough, but I’ll tell you … it’s worth it! But so much more!

Just not for the dentist …

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