The power of the entire universe for YOU!


The hour for YOU

A whole hour a day just for YOU, your reconnection, your development, your LIFE.

What would it be like if you had the connection to the source of all being, to the universe in all its diversity again? If life energy would be available to you in unlimited quantity?

How would that feel for YOU? What would your life look like? In all the connection to everything that is? That would be gigantic, wouldn’t it?

It's like if I were plugged into a charging station. Awesome!

You can’t do that? Well, take a good look! Because it’s exactly for YOU that I’m doing this. Because YOU are not here “by chance”.

#yanama_healing bundles the power of the universe, provides you with the energy of all the entities that are helpful for you right now. There is not one helper, not one entity. There are many working. On you. With you.

With the help of my team, you will find your connection to the Universe and thus to yourself again. Because you already had this connection. YOU are also a spiritual being, equipped with everything that is necessary. Perhaps this connection has apparently become weaker or lost in the course of your life.

But it is not gone. It is still there and is just waiting for you to find it again.

We connect you with the energy of the entire universe!

Hundreds of participants from all over the world are taking part, some of them every week since the beginning, others only recently.

What are YOU waiting for?

I build an energy field for you and provide you with the energy YOU need at this moment. You get exactly the support that is necessary for you to go your way optimally, to connect in your own way with what you can allow. This may become more and more each time.

If you have a specific topic you want to work on, we will help you with it. If you are on the way to yourself, we will accompany you. If you are working on resonances and entanglements, we will help you on the way out.

If you don’t see a way out, we will show you one. If you “just” want to relax, we will help you. If you are curious, we will show you who we are and what we can do.

We are in yanama_healing on the spiritual level and it is as flexible as it is diverse. The “place” where you feel the yanama_healing is therefore always exactly as you imagine it. No matter if you see it or feel it or just “know” that it is there.

For all you visual travelers to the spiritual plane, here’s a picture. You may use it, or not. You may also change it:

Imagine a huge stone circle. A bit like Stonehenge, but much bigger with many more stones.

The world tree Yggdrasil stands in its center, a huge world ash tree. Deeply rooted, down to the core of the earth, connected to the primordial ground of all being. Upward spreading branches, shading and protecting like a roof. Up to the crown full of lush green leaves.

Below you is a lush light green meadow, velvet cushioned. You would like to lie down in the middle of the grass. Just like children sometimes do in summer, when nothing clouds your mind and everything is just as it should be.

Above you, a blue sky with a few fleecy clouds. It’s warm, the sun is shining, a gentle breeze is blowing. But it is not hot. You feel like a million bucks.

You are absolutely safe and protected. It is the perfect place. You feel invited and wanted. You feel that this is your place. A place that is always there for you, a place you don’t have to fight for. One that belongs to you. A place where you feel absolutely right and wanted.

Either you sit down directly in the grass or on one of the chairs that are everywhere here. Deck chairs, chairs to sit on, benches of all kinds. There is even a couch. Some of the chairs stand alone, others in groups. Just as you like.

There is no need for justification, no explanations, no discussions, everything is already settled. You are here. You ARE.

You are not alone, there are a lot of helpful spirits around you. There are Nordic gods as well as Christian archangels and Buddhist monks. There are dwarves and elves, light beings, entities with and without recognizable shape and many more. Their number is infinite, because the spiritual world knows no boundaries.

And they are all there to support you. No matter what you need at the moment. Whether you just want to relax and recharge your batteries or whether you have a topic where you could use support. Or if you are searching for your connection to everything that is and to yourself.

Imagine you are in this place and you feel the energy. How it flows into you from all sides. You feel like a child, full of energy and happiness. And then you start to dance. Exuberantly, without inhibitions and without gravity.

You dance alone or with the entities around you. Or also with other people in this place. Just as you want it, because this place magically follows exactly your ideas. Everything is the way you want it to be.

You want to get to know this place? Nothing easier than that …

Frequently asked questions about #yanama_healing:

What happens if I fall asleep during the session?

Don’t worry, my work also works while you sleep. Many of my clients fall asleep during the session or even beforehand.

Then you won’t directly and consciously notice anything about my work.

But it can also be the case that nothing is noticeable at first, then the effect often follows. Gladly in connection with my report, which sometimes only initiates the process of knowledge.

Because it is the process of knowledge that ultimately brings you forward in the long term.

My child also takes part in the yanama_healing session. Do I have to pay attention to anything specific?

No, children do everything the same as usual. Dear children, you don’t have to stay awake until 9 p.m. to experience the #yanama_healing session. You can go to sleep as you normally do.

I have small children. What happens if they need my attention while the Yanama Healing session is in progress?

When your children call you, take care of them as you normally would. This does not diminish the effect of the #yanama_healing session.

And the best thing about it: You get it for 60,- Euro (payable also in USD, GBP or Crypto) per 4 weeks and you can cancel it every month …

The #yanama_healing becomes really effective when you do it regularly. Then very deep spiritual processes start rolling, always as fast as you can manage it. It’s like going to the gym. Going there once is nice, but it doesn’t help. You have to do it regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day, you can skip a session if it’s not convenient, that’s not an issue.

yanama healing mit Schamane Gerhard Zirkel
Yanama Healing Ritualplatz Steinkreis Schamanen Gerhard und Sarah Zirkel

Following is the binding registration for Yanama Healing. Or write me an Email: mail@gerhard-zirkel.com

From distance


  • ... for 4 weeks
  • Participation up to 5 times a week
  • Mo-Fr always 9pm
  • Duration 1 our
  • monthly cancellable
  • Worldwide
  • Payable in EUR, USD, GBP oder Crypto

In detail

yanama healing

The participation in the #yanama_healing remote session is very simple. You will always receive an email from me at the start of the week with a weekly theme. You can pick it up if you want, but you don’t have to. If you have your own topics, use them.

Most participants connect with the Yanama field between 9 and 10 pm purely energetically. And it doesn’t matter what time zone you are in. You don’t have to log in anywhere and we don’t make phone calls.

Make yourself comfortable from 9 pm on. You can lie on the couch or in bed or on the yoga mat. You can sit in an armchair or on the floor or in the kitchen. The main thing is that you are comfortable and you can relax.

If something disturbs you in between, the world doesn’t end. If your child cries, take care of it, if you want to meditate, meditate, if you get tired, go to sleep. Everything is fine.

Important: Some participants get very tired. Please make sure that you do not drive or do other things that require your full concentration.

Go into reception and let happen what wants to happen. If you have a particular issue that you would like to move forward with, include that in your thoughts. But without doggedly looking for a solution. Just be open. My team finds solutions even when the problem isn’t really clear yet. The more open you are, the more possibilities you will feel.

If you are just curious or “just” want to relax, that’s ok too. The session lasts one hour, 10pm is all over. But it is possible that the energy still has an effect.

But this time window is not binding! You can always “join” at another time and some participants do it at night when they are asleep. You can try it out and you will find out how it works best for YOU.

You can find more details in the instructions …

This is quite different. There are participants who feel my presence and the presence of my spirit helpers exactly at 9 pm. They feel that I am working on them and their issues. Some see images, get messages, others rather have the feeling of being confused.

Some cannot let go of the thoughts of everyday life.

Many participants fall asleep. Some wake up exactly at 10, others do not.

Some think that they have felt nothing at all, only a pinching here and a pulling there, and that they are terribly tired the next day …

That can be anything!

Everybody always gets exactly what he needs. This is not always exactly what he initially imagined. This can also be exhausting at first. But it is worth it.

Really effective #yanama_healing becomes with regular participation over a longer period of time.

If you are participating for the first time, you may not yet feel as much as you had hoped, because this is new to you and you may not have unconsciously opened up yet. It’s like the first yoga class. The positive effect only appears after a few subsequent classes.

It is the same with Yanama. You will find that you can dive deeper from time to time, that deeper processes are set in motion and that you get a companion on the way to your true self.

The decision when and how often you participate is of course always up to you! The subscription allows you to participate 5 times a week, but of course you don’t have to.

The participation costs 60 Euro (also payable in USD, GBP or Crypto) every running 4 weeks, but you can participate on all days. The subscription can be canceled monthly, everything is relaxed.

To the booking … >>

I will gladly accept feedback after each session. And I will also answer all questions if possible. To a certain extent I can help you to analyze the experience.

But I cannot explain in detail for each participant what exactly happened and why. In a group session there are many participants and I have to keep an eye on all of them. I only go into detail when I am asked to do so by the spiritual side. This happens from time to time, but it is not the rule.

If you have a special topic that you are not getting anywhere with, then I also offer individual sessions. There I can go much deeper into the details. You can find more information about this under: Introductory session

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