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Beltane guidance

Beltane is the great Celtic spring festival from April 30 to May 1. The beginning of the warm season, the beginning of fertility. Winter is over, the days have become much longer again and the sun is already warming up. Nature is sprouting everywhere and the first flowers are already here. Now the life energy goes outside again!

At a glance
  • You are about to implement concrete plans, whether business or private
  • You have been seeing a personal change for some time that should now finally happen
  • You’re in the middle of the process but the final push is still missing
  • You want to turn the impending spring lethargy into power
Offer placeholder
  • Duration, approx. 2 days
  • Supporting energy field
  • Email support
  • From a distance
179 Euro

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What you get

  • You will receive comprehensive background information on the Celtic annual festival Beltane
  • I build an energetic field for you that protects, supports and accompanies you
  • You will receive email support in case of questions or uncertainties
  • You receive guided and protected access to the spiritual world
  • You receive energetic support when you are dealing with issues relating to decisions
  • The accompaniment takes place completely from a distance, or on a spiritual level. No calls or on-site appointments necessary

How the Beltane accompaniment works

  • Beltane
    Beltane is the festival…
  • Procedure
    How it works
Beltane is the festival…

… where you fall in love again, the festival where the masculine unites with the feminine and creates something new.

Countless traditions have been preserved or newly formed around this festival from ancient times.

But do you actually realize that?

Beltane is the beginning!

And not “just” the beginning of the year.

Beltane can also be the beginning of a new life, the start of new projects, the start of any endeavor. This all-important step when the plan is implemented. When the energy goes outwards.

And that’s exactly where I support you!

As a booster, so to speak, which enables you to bring out your plans with even more power and finally get started. You still have to make your own way, but a small rocket like this in your rucksack can be very helpful.

How it works

The whole thing works remotely, so you can take part anywhere in the world, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The spiritual level on which we work knows no spatial dimension.

I’ll build for you on 30.04. an energy field that supplies you with as much energy as you can accept and implement. No matter how much it is. You will remain in this field until 01.05.

And before that, I’ll give you a guide with suggestions and ways to support your plans.


Book your Beltane guidance

Or – to save yourself a lot of money – book the complete annual circle guidance right away.

I need some more information from you for us to get started. Specifically your address, for the peace of mind of the accounting department, as well as your telephone number in case the email technology goes on strike. Your data is safe, I won’t pass any of it on. More information about this can be found in the privacy policy. Payment is made in advance. You can transfer in euros or US dollars or pay by crypto.