what the heck IS a shaman?

First of all: a shaman is not a saint, not a guru or anything like that. Not at all. Sorry to disappoint you. He is pretty much a normal person. Just like you and me.

Well, more or less – as he can do something that not everyone can. The shaman is in contact with the world of spirits and demons and connected to the deep soul level. Actually, he is in not only touch with them – he can talk to these spirits – and not only talk; he can even work with them and achieve “something” doing so. Incredible, right?

That’s what he does. Every day and actually constantly, all.the.time. – not only once someone who is hurting or in need of healing is present. Would be great to be able to switch being a shaman on and off as needed and wanted, but that is just not how it is; however, if someone needs shamanic support, the shaman changes their focus, puts all there energy in favor of the present human being, their customer, so to say. Of course, he cannot magically make problems disappear; if he were able to do that, he would not be a shaman but a witch doctor, a magician… or a pharma-giant (not really, right?).

He is just nothing like that – he is a shaman. You gotta know, the shaman, he is something like a very skilled mountain guide. He supports people reaching the top, shows them the possible paths and how and when to walk or climb, and makes sure that nothing happens on that way up – and that the “bad wolf” doesn’t eat them alive. But: he doesn’t go up for them, he doesn’t carry them up (why even, lol) and he doesn’t path the way FOR them – although some might love that idea, right? The shaman doing all the hard work, and once reaching the top simply inviting them to follow him by yelling “you can now come up here” – Nope. That’s just not gonna happen.

What he does is: he’ll take you by the hand, walk beside you and go up there WITH you. No matter how painful it might get, how challenging or how much you want to give up. He will even sit there with you, when there is time for a break, a rest… but you better be aware, that he will simply kick you’re a** – and tell you to continue, to move on after you had enough of a break. Until you and him together achieve the top!

Oh, and remember: a shaman is not a guru!

And once you are on top, it feels like a liberation. It really does! By then you have resolved all your old traumas and the old, disturbing and blocking beliefs that prevented you from being completely YOU, from living your full potential.

You finally also have the courage to live your life the way YOU want to and then you just do that. Nobody will be able to manipulate you; nobody even dares to do that any longer. Then you know that all the crap you went through on the way up was definitely worth it. Your life has become much easier.

Walking that path of healing can be exhausting and sometimes you basically walk around the mountain several times before you actually find the path upwards. Yet having a shaman at your side, well, that is just the best guidance you can have… as he will be there with you, beside you. He simply is the best guide (of course, lol), he has been there, done that before. He didn’t learn that from a book or at a workshop. Nope, he really went through a whole lot of shit himself before, learned about all of it the hard way and now he knows “how-to”.

There are things though the shaman doesn’t “appreciate” as much: like those folks sitting next to the mountain, whining that their feet hurt or that the weather is bad or that the third tree from the left is crooked. As the shaman doesn’t like that, he will just leave you sitting there. Your choice, remember? However, YOU are not like that, are you?

Yes, that IS how he acts & works, the shaman…

What IS healing – how does that feel, what does it mean?

For the shaman being healed, being whole, means that YOU live up to your full soul potential. That you are definitely present in this world and completely healthy. That there are no more old blockings, behavioral patterns, beliefs, or fears or who knows what else that keep you from living your full potential. When you have processed all this, then you are truly healthy & healed.

That path though is often a long path and it may be exhausting walking it, but it is worth it – you have no idea how it truly IS worth it… believe me. Not yet at least. Just so you get it: I will be there with you, for you. Of course, as stated before: I am not gonna walk that path for you, and I will certainly not carry you. I can’t – I still need my back functioning perfectly. Yet here is the thing: I’m here with you all the way – and I’ll take care of you, show you how you can do it and I’ll support you. And I can tell you: you’re gonna make it for sure, no matter how deep the shit is, that you yourself or your life circumstances have buried you in.

If you are physically or mentally sick, then of course you still have to decide yourself, whether to check with a physician or an alternative practitioner, because the physical & mental levels also want & need to be looked at.

You gotta know, the physical/ mental level is one thing, but for everything physical/mental, there is always a cause on the spiritual level, in the soul, buried deep inside your being. If there is an imbalance, maybe hidden very deep in the ancestral line, or a part of your soul that has or feels separated – or anything else that is messing with your energy, it can cause physical sickness as well as mental issues.

If you then simply only focus on healing your physical being, your body, you might experience a never-ending story… and as touching and adventurous the very same story was and is – you rather have the possibility to put an end to bothering issues. Right? Because as long as the root cause on the soul level is not found & healed – your system will keep telling you one way or another, that things are not right. Like it or not. You might get sick again, symptoms will stay and/ or come back, you might just not feel well, or you are constantly exhausted and tired. Do you want that? Get off this page now 😉

At other times, you are not even physically or mentally sick. You are indeed healthy as can be, because you do not have any physical symptoms – yet you still feel like shit because your life feels like someone else’s, not like yours, and you know, for a fact, that you are actually different, you are a better version than that, but you don’t know how to uncover the real you. Life basically sucks. And you know that – but you do not know how to end this crap.

Lemme’ tell you: it’s all the very same. If you feel like your life sucks – despite a so-called “healthy-wealthy-funtastic” existence, then some part of you is not quite where it should or could be. We’ll find out together what is wrong and we’ll deal with it, solve it, heal that part… BTW: did you realize the emphasis on the WE? 😉

I do not have and I sure would never use a magic wand to make whateva is bothering you disappear… I am not a witch doctor or magician! Your healing is and always will be your responsibility, your task, your path.

Your “reward” for choosing to walk it? A lasting peace, absolute lastingness.

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