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Fear has always been a major issue for all of humanity. If you think about it more carefully, you realize how much of our daily life is influenced, even controlled, by fear.

And I’m not just talking about people who suffer from an “anxiety disorder” or are conspicuously overanxious. No, I am thinking of people like you and me, who are usually not even aware of how much space fear takes up in their lives.

Because we consciously or mostly unconsciously give this fear this space. We don’t realize it because fear has always been part of our lives. But is every fear also a meaningful part? Let’s try to shed some light on this question.

What is happening right now

What is happening in our society right now is a good example of what this article is about. Because it has been a long time since we have seen so clearly what fear does to people when they are not aware of it and also do not see any ways of dealing with it.

The whole world seems to be in panic, everyone is going crazy, people are behaving strangely and some of us are scared. Quite a few, in fact. Maybe even almost all of us.

  • Fear of catching a virus and getting sick from it.
  • Fear of having to spend the rest of their lives in social isolation.
  • Fear of losing their livelihood, their company, their job.
  • Fear of being forced to take vaccinations and their (late) health consequences
  • Fear of war or climate catastrophe.
  • Fear of standing up for themselves and so they prefer to run with it. In one direction or the other.
  • Fear of being wiped out for good or oppressed forever by the evil elite.
  • Fear of having to slap their hand to their forehead for the rest of their lives because of the madness ….

But whatever it is, somehow it all boils down to fear. And on all sides, in all countries, in all camps.

Sure, some of the fears are quite real. The economic impact of socialist aspirations on the rise in Europe (and some other parts of the world) is not theoretical but highly real and so is the fear of it.

The fear of total control and oppression is also not entirely unfounded, and the fear of division, violence and ruin is quite understandable.

But many of the fears are not as real as we think. Because everything that revolves around a possible future is first “only” a theoretical construct of our thinking.

Which, by the way, applies to most of our fears and worries. As a rule, they concern things that we assume will firstly happen and secondly harm us.

As a precaution, they rob us of our life energy. Just by the fact that we fear they could happen.

Two things happen

Two things happen as a result:

  1. If the fears actually come true, we have no more energy to counter the real threat, because we have already used up all our energy. We have gone under, so to speak, out of sheer fear of the downfall, long before the feared event.
  2. In this way, we manifest exactly what we are most afraid of. Because the universe always receives what has the most power behind it. And if that is the fear of the downfall, then it can only become a downfall.

Where does that come from?

Quite clearly … actually: a fear does not fall from the sky, it is based on a lack of basic trust in the natural course of things and in our ability to react adequately when we have to react.

And this inevitably leads us back to our childhood, to our ancestral lineage, to past lives and generally to our way of fitting into the fabric of the universe. It leads us to split-off parts of the soul, to unlived dreams and visions. To limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns and and and.

It leads us to believe that we can’t change anything anyway.

The deer effect

Because all these patterns and entanglements are the reason why the theoretical constructs of our thinking consume so much life energy long before an event actually occurs that we become almost incapable of action.

We behave like the deer that is caught by car headlights on its way across the road and instead of running away, stops. And gets run over.

This is not a theoretical model but very real. At the moment, this can be clearly seen in people who are standing frozen in terror in front of the possible shards of their existence, but who nevertheless do not act but, like the deer in the headlights, wait for the final impact. Or they compensate for this impact by not wanting to admit it. Talking themselves into a better world.

“I don’t need much to live” is a sentence I often hear. Or “there’s nothing we can do about it”, “it’s no better elsewhere” or “we’re actually doing fine”.

Or entrepreneurs like to say “before I work on myself, the business has to be up and running again”. So the deer could say “before I run away, the car has to disappear”. Well, it doesn’t, dear deer. YOU have to do something.


Accept the existence of your fears and start to find and work on the causes of them.

The goal will be that you can think and, above all, act clearly again. That instead of feeding the fear and waiting for the crash, you already work out solutions that you can then quickly implement. That you change your situation in time so that you can cope with possibly changed conditions. That you don’t get knocked off your feet by what might come. If it doesn’t happen, nothing is lost.

It sounds complex, and sometimes it is, but it can always be solved. And it doesn’t matter how deep you are in the shit right now. YOU have the possibility to get out of it, if you want to. I’ll be happy to help you with the “how”, that’s my job. However, you can make the decision yourself, no one will take that away from you.

And in the end? The fear and especially the current crazy panic in politics and the media will not be gone, but you will have your life energy for yourself again. You can invest the power you previously invested in fear in yourself. You are capable of action and no longer the victim of seemingly higher powers.

And THEN YOU can make a difference!

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