Transformation of the vaccine

Process vaccinations energetically


from distance

worldwide bookable

  • Completely remotely, no personal contact
  • Duration, several days
  • Includes BOTH vaccinations
  • Can also be booked at short notice
  • Payable in USD (US Bank Account)

My offer is addressing all those who – for whatever reason – cannot avoid a vaccination, but do not want to have it. Whom have to have their children vaccinated, but really do not want to. yet cannot yet escape the current system. All those, whose relatives in old people’s or nursing homes need to be vaccinated, but do not want to be. It actually does not matter which vaccination it is.

To all of you affected by the above, I have good news:

Vaccines, like all other toxins, can be transformed energetically. This does not make them disappear from the material level, but they can no longer energetically dock on to you, your body, your physical system.

There are two possible ways for this energetic cleaning:

The first, ideal, case is: just before the vaccination is done.

If you already know the date, on which the vaccination will take place, you just let me know in advance. I will build up the energetic transformation field in advance, and then the vaccine will not even come into play. We do not have to time it to the accurate minute at all. It is enough if you know the day; the clearing energy field will remain with you for several days anyway.

The second, also possible case is: after the vaccination

If you have already received the vaccination, we can of course also work on it, the ”rule” here is: the sooner the better.

Very important: I will not tell you at this point whether you should have yourself, your children or your relatives in need of care vaccinated or not. I will also not tell you whether any vaccination is good or not, I will also not discuss studies, opinions, theories or any kind of medical issues related to this topic.

You can find all the necessary information yourself and you are indeed allowed to form your own opinion. You are a grown up and therefore responsible for your choices at all times, right? Listen to your (gut)feeling, it will tell you what to do.

The principle is the same, whether we do the vaccination transformation before or after the vaccination: I build an energetic healing field around you resp. your loved ones, in which I make the vaccine energetically harmless with the help of my spirit helpers.

This is something, which cannot be acquired in a short space of time, as this healing field is at work for a couple of days. However, this does not mean that you cannot do your daily work or otherwise participate in life during this time. If you have the possibility for some resting time, it will of course be easier for you, because it can be exhausting. Not only for me, but also for you.

Just as every human being exists not solitary here in the physical world, but above all in the spiritual realm, from which we come, a vaccine, with all its more or less “healthy” companions, exists not only physically, but also on a spiritual, energetic level.

If we assume that the physical arises from the spiritual, this also applies to a(ny) vaccine. Which opens up completely new possibilities for us.

Because seen from this angle, we are suddenly no longer at the mercy of this (and other) mechanisms without protection. No one actually ever has the power to dictate that we have to resonate with the unwanted substance(s) in our bodies, right? Who is forcing us to accept it? Who forces us to keep it within us – once it is in?

WE are in charge; we have the power of deciding for ourselves. Moreover, if we cannot truly freely decide if something gets into our body or not, we can at least choose what it does or does not do to us energetically. We actually can pick if this energy stays with(in) us or not.

If you have made this decision, I will gladly support you and “do the rest”.

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