Side-gig or leading actor?

“You can talk your head off, he just doesn’t get it”. Manfred is desperate. Desperate because of his brother who, for the life of him, is not moving from the spot. Developmentally.

This article is about a topic that can be a little “triggering”, because it puts a finger in a wound that is as old as humanity. Maybe even older. It’s about separation, about moving on, about duality, about very fundamental aspects of our being.

He just doesn't get it!

Manfred is one of those people who have already achieved great things and who constantly work on themselves in order to move on, to become more stable, to come out even bigger. Manfred is an entrepreneur and one who takes his life seriously. He always has been, even as a 6-year-old he was already the best footballer in his age group.

He is one who doesn’t just do what everyone else does, but who is always developing himself on a personal level to be better than everyone else. Whether he is “spiritual” or not, he may not decide. But he does everything he can to develop himself, to remove blockages, to invest in himself. And he is successful in doing so. Very much so. And he is awake, recognises what is happening in the world, why it is happening and how he must position himself so that it does not happen to him.

His brother is quite different. He did an apprenticeship quite listlessly after school and now he is squatting in a company as an employee and that’s where he is now. From Manfred’s point of view, completely motionless. Work from morning till closing time, Monday to Friday. Weekend beer and barbecue with the boys. The television tells him what to think and what to buy, neither of which is questioned.

Career? Nope, what for? Investing? Nope, what’s the point? Any personal development steps? Nope, what for? Understand what is happening and then act? Nope, what happens? Nothing happens.

Manfred could almost despair

Do you know such people? I don’t mean Manfred but his brother? These many people who seem to behave like sheep, don’t seem to think, don’t seem to develop and are more or less indifferent to the movements of life?

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you want to shake these people until they finally move? Until they somehow, some way, just somehow develop? But they don’t do it and they don’t see the need.

They run blindly into wars, into economic crises, into oppression, into ruin. And not only that, they sometimes hate you for not running blindly somewhere. For maybe even trying to save them. They hate you, they laugh at you, they put obstacles in your way, they want to get rid of you.

But why is that and why do there seem to be so many of these people and so few of those who move on? And why do you sometimes even have someone like that as a partner?

"Slightly" provocative

A valued colleague and friend of mine once called these people “filler souls”.

Ok, admittedly, seen on its own, this statement could be seen as rather condescending. But she didn’t mean it that way, not at all. Let me try to explain.

It's like in the movies

Let’s compare the world to a feature film. In every film there are one or a few main characters around whom the whole film revolves. They experience great adventures, do incredible things, look great, are adored by everyone. In short, they are the main characters.

But they are not alone, there are a few supporting actors and a lot of side-gigs who seem to be there just to walk through the picture at the right moment. Completely unimportant.

Are they? No, they aren’t. Just imagine an action film with only the skin actor. How he runs wildly, completely alone through an empty landscape. Imagine the old Rambo movies with just Rambo.

Pretty embarrassing performance. It doesn’t work. You might as well film lugworms mating.

With very few cinematic exceptions, there can be no feature film without supporting actors and side-gigs. And if one of these side-gigs can only be seen for a second on the other side of the street, this second is immensely important in order to offer the main actor his stage.

Without the second of the side-gig, the second of the main actor doesn’t work. So who is more important, the side-gig or the main actor? Exactly, both are equally important because one cannot do without the other.


Now let’s assume that we humans incarnate from the spiritual world, here in the material world. Let’s assume that we do this again and again and that we do it in order to develop ourselves.

Let’s assume that we only created the material world in order to be able to develop in a material world.

What would happen if we all incarnated at the same time with the aim of personal development? Exactly, we would have a world full of main characters. That wouldn’t work any more than a feature film with only main characters. Well, maybe a film with only 20 Rambos would work somehow … but it wouldn’t make sense.

So there have to be side-gigs and my theory is that we always need souls who incarnate as side-gigs or filler souls. So that those who come here for development can also do that.

Presumably we take turns, everyone is a side-gig at times, everyone is the main actor at others. So there is no judgment in it, no “better” or “worse”. It is simply the current position, which is probably already clear before we enter the incarnation. Purely from the point of view of the spiritual level from which we come, it is probably really not a judgment. Who should also judge on this level. After all, this is a material construct that the material mind concocts.

In practice

In the practice of material life, this means that you can neither “wake up” nor save a side-gig. What parts of the spiritual scene always like to rattle off, that the world has to “wake up” now and that everyone should finally understand what it’s all about, that’s bullshit.

The coaching scene is no better when it claims that everyone needs a coach.

Those who are incarnated as side-gigs will also do their job as side-gigs. There is no other way. He won’t take a coach because he doesn’t want to change. The whole material world will not “wake up”, because that would be a feature film in which all the side-gigs would suddenly become the main actors, a film with 7 billion Rambos. After that, it wouldn’t be a feature film anymore, but a huge mess that no one wants to see.

Who are you?

But now it’s getting exciting. Who are you? Are you a side-gig or the main actor? And why do some people seem to start as side-gigs and only then become stars?

Well, the first question is quickly answered. If you were a side-gig, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Because then you would have no motivation to develop further, because that would not be your plan for this incarnation. Then I would be an “eso nut” for you and you would talk shit about me over a beer or not even know about my existence.

So you are a main character. That’s an important insight, because maybe you don’t feel like that.

Maybe you feel more like a side-gig who has realized that everyone around him is a side-gig but can’t make them understand. Are you perhaps a “small employee” who sees that the world is slipping into ruin, but who is apparently not understood by anyone?

Do you feel like the only sighted person among the blind? Then maybe you are one of those actors who start out as a side-gig and become the main character in the course of the film. Like someone who starts as a clerk in a company and then works his way up to become the boss. While his former colleagues remain clerks until they retire.

What do you do?

Then change that. As soon as you realize that you are among the side-gigs, but you yourself are not one, you can start to change your position.

This is not always easy, because no incarnation stands alone. They are all connected with each other and you are also connected with your ancestors who were before you in this incarnation, in this feature film.

And possibly part of the development you have planned for yourself is to work your way out from the very bottom. So this is not a malicious trap that fate has set for you, but part of your process.

Perhaps it is inevitable that you leave the people close to you behind. That you drop them, hand them over to ruin. Maybe you have to watch them drown in the masses. That can be part of the path. Just as someone who makes a career has to come to terms with the fact that his former colleagues are squatting at the bottom. But that’s their decision, their job.

If you stay a small employee because you love the other small employees so much, then you stay there. With all the consequences. But that’s not what you’re here for.

Also, that you are reading this article is part of your process and when I offer to help you in this article, that is also part of the process.

And yes, I can help you. I have walked the path myself and I have accompanied many people along the way. Now it’s your turn, you can keep trying to wake up filler souls and get angry. Or you can go on your way. Even if it means seemingly leaving the filler souls behind.

The point is that you take your position in this incarnation. And it’s way up there, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far. Even if it feels difficult or you are afraid of the path, start. Take the first step. Get out of the mass of side-gig and take your position.

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