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Humans are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body. And just as we as humans are constantly leaving traces on a material level, so we do energy wise as well – all the time. If you’ve had visitors, guests over, you might want to vacuum and dust clean your place, your home. No matter how neat and tidy your guests were, there always remains some dirt left in your place.

This is of course also valid for any kind of non-physical energyNo matter where we are, we leave energetic traces. They may not be as striking as the material traces, but if no one takes them away, cleans up – they thicken, concentrate and intensify.

And all of a sudden, your home, your property just doesn’t feel as good any longer. Not fresh and free and open, but dull and musty, maybe even dark or disturbed. It can feel like walking through deep mud, being stuck, feeling trapped. Which is not good at all.

This can be extremely exhausting and enormously energy draining in the long run and can have a long term effect on you and others. Especially if it is not only the staleness, mustiness of your own guests, but also that of the previous residents.

It’s not a big problem in itself, but we’ve somehow forgotten about the importance of energy and its effects on us in daily life. Which is why we all should have an energetic clearing – also called “space-clearing” – happening resp. being done by a professional every once in a while.

When a person physically dies, the soul should go back to the spiritual place from where it originally came from. Theoretically. Ideally. Mostly.

But this is not always happening. Some of us do not make this healthy and final soul transition after death. They stay here. Which is a really uncomfortable situation, as being a soul without being in/ connected to a physical body you can’t really live or exist here properly and some, most of these “lost” souls don’t know how to deal with that.

Therefore these (lost) souls can be found, detected almost everywhere, even in houses. Either because they lived or died in exactly this house and now they don’t want to leave it behind or they simply cannot go, leave for whatever reason. Another possibility is that they somehow got into this house and simply like it a lot. Maybe because there already are other lost souls, and they finally have company.

This usually means that the current inhabitants have no or just a minor chance to take over their own home with their own energy, as the energetic fields are already brimming, loaded to the max – and there is no space left for the current inhabitants. It feels already occupied or one might feel it is kind of crowded without seeing anyone, or even feel the presence of other beings, without being able to figure out why and who.

Just know, that this can be (dis)solved, regulated for the benefit of all. Most earthbound lost souls are quite thankful and happy when someone helps them to finally transition and supports them on finding their path. Which is exactly what I do. This is my job. And all this is included in the property and object clearing. Just one of my skills.

Rarely, really very rarely, some earthbound souls solidify in such a way that they can actually be experienced in materialistic way or have a physical impact. This is how haunting phenomena arise. And some of these haunted and haunting lost souls can be really nasty, vicious and want to harm. We call those lost souls demons and they can also be removed, guided to leave. Whether they like it or not.

… so, what could possibly be there?

Your house has just been built and is completely new? And therefore energetically clean?
Yeah, exactly.
Have you ever been on a construction site? Construction workers are usually not really squeamish in what they say and how they talk, but rather “potty-mouths”. You can’t really blame them as there are many different problems occurring while working on a building site – annoying delays are a frequent happening and at times it is a very intense working place in more than one meaning.

Therefore the energy of construction sites is very diverse and strong and this will definitely have an impact on your new house.

It also matters what kind of material has been used as each of them has a unique energy of its own. It also matters of course what was there before – on the property land? In our latitudes there is hardly a piece of land that would not be pre-loaded by anything that was there beforehand – at some point in time, throughout history. Some energy stays forever.

So whether you’re living in a new or old house, whether you’ve been living there for a long time or you’ve just moved in, whether you’re already noticing something or not, I suggest and advice you to have a clearing done. Actually best BEFORE moving in.

The energetic cleaning of property and other objects is usually carried out remotely. I don’t have to be there physically, because the work is done on a spiritual level, on a high connective energy level.

Step 1: The offer

In order to estimate the effort and to be able to create an offer, I need the floor plans as well as 1-2 photos of the property, which show the object from the outside, so that I can imagine your personal circumstances and your property accordingly.

For cars, boats, planes, objects, etc., the photos are definitely sufficient.

I do connect mentally with the object, estimate the effort and provide you with a fixed price offer afterwards via email.

Step 2: Payment

If you accept my offer I will send you the regarding invoice. You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

Step 3: Clearing

As soon as I have received your payment, I do the clearing. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or away while I’m working. You might feel my presence quite strongly. If you prefer to be absent during the clearing, please let me know, then we will of course agree on a date and time which is most convenient and comfortable for you.

Step 4: The evaluation

You will receive a clearing confirmation from letting you know that I am done. Very important is: I never inform my clients on what I found on or within your property in detail. This is not because all of what I experience, find or see is a big secret, but rather to make sure you don’t think so much about what might have been there, which most people tend to – and this simply is not necessary or even counterproductive. Once I am done with my work, it really doesn’t matter any longer what was there.

From this time of my confirmation on you can consider your property or object to be clean, free from harmful and/ or disturbing energies, cleared.

Step 5: The Future

After a clearing, your property is protected for a certain period of time. Of course, this doesn’t last forever, as people of all kinds leave their energies everywhere and all the time. I’m happy to offer and do subsequent clearings on a regular basis if you want to. Just get in touch with me again! xxx

So whether you’re living in a new or old house, whether you’ve been living there for a long time or you’ve just moved in, whether you’re already noticing something or not, I suggest and advice you to have a clearing done. Actually best BEFORE moving in.

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