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Shamanic work from a distance?
How can that be?


The first step when it comes to your personal development is always my entry package. We take the time and clarify exactly where you are and where you want to go.

And then we do a first remote session together.

If you need help from the outside, with curses, maledictions or black magic attacks, then write me an email with the details.

I can see, recognize and act!

The work of a shaman, and especially my work as one, is special.

That’s intentional, because otherwise you could hire any coach. But you don’t want to do that, because you really want to penetrate your depths, and that’s something that just any random coach usually can’t do.

I am clairvoyant and clairsentient. That means I can see you as you are. How you really are when all the masks, shells, conditioning, safety mechanisms, blockages and behavior patterns that you have built up all your life without realizing it fall away.

This has the advantage that I can see pretty quickly where we are going. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to lay it all out in front of you. I’ll tell you some things, but most of it you’ll have to work out for yourself.

Only then is it sustainable. That’s how any other coaching works. Only with me it goes quite a few levels deeper.

I not only see you as no one has ever seen you before, I also see your ancestors and your previous incarnations. And how you are, or should be, integrated into the overall structure of the universe. Often this plays a role and must not only be looked at but also specifically worked on.

But don’t worry, you don’t need any spiritual experience to work with me. You can even think it’s rubbish. Just be a human being, that is the best basis for everything. I take you by the hand and accompany you.

Such a process takes time, it can be exhausting and it needs your 100% willingness to look where it hurts and to change things if necessary. Because nothing changes on its own, you will do it. With my help.

Sometimes the solution has to come from the outside, because the problem comes from the outside.

Curses, imprecations and even black magic attacks are not common, in fact, they are very rare.

But they do exist and then the only thing that helps is the flight forward, the defense, the targeted neutralization of the attack.

This is not a nice topic and many shy away from it, especially in the spiritual “light and love” scene. But if it must be, then it must be.

And if it must be, then I work for you.

A small special feature right at the beginning. I work as a shaman on the spiritual level, away from matter, which means that spatial distances do not matter. It simply doesn’t matter where you are and where I am. Which is why I can also travel worldwide. Without a fixed practice.

On the material level I work in the accompaniment exclusively by email. There are no phone calls or video calls with me, because these communication channels don’t work for me. Some colleagues may think differently, but that’s the way it is with me.

If it is about complex issues, in the course of magical interventions, the defense against attacks, etc. we can also meet in person. Worldwide.


When it comes to your personal development path, you always get started with the starter package, see here…

We clarify your topics and goals and find out in a first session what needs to be done and how. And if a cooperation between us has the potential to work.

After that we know how to proceed.

Very important: I am not a problem-solving magician when it comes to personal support! At least not in most cases. A change, no matter in which area, always starts with you. You are the boss in your universe and even if apparently or actually everyone else is to blame for your situation, the solution always lies with you.

You cannot change the world, but you can change yourself. And with that you change the world. You have to be fully aware of this in order for our work to work.

If you can’t imagine that yet, that’s perfectly fine. Openness and the willingness to go your own way are enough. The deep understanding of the connections follows in the course of our work. Always.

Exception: If the problem comes from the outside, I will also solve it from the outside. For you.

Sporitual world / Anderswelt / Anderwelt

The natural sphere of action of a shaman is the spiritual world, also called Otherworld.

The shaman – and not only the shaman – assumes that our known material world must have arisen from something, and arises anew every second.

This basis from which our material world arises is the spiritual world, also called spiritual plane or otherworld. Religious people would call it perhaps also “God” or as “the divine”.

It is not about a dimension of the psyche, because the psyche takes place in the brain and therefore in the matter. Also the spiritual world is not to be compared with a fantasy world.

The spiritual world is a real existing energetic level. We also exist on this level, including our body and our psyche.

Each of us is a being of this spiritual world, regardless of whether we are currently incarnated in the material world or not.

The shaman is able to contact the entities of the spiritual world and work with them there. See Schamanische Reise …

He can speak with the higher self of his clients, he can work with his ancestors or those of his client, but he can also travel to past lives or take the help of the spirit helpers.

The shaman gets an overview of the realities, of the core causes of problems that show up materially. And he can influence the matter by giving the impulse on the spiritual level.

The appearance of the other world

The form in which the Otherworld appears to the shaman is not fixed and often varies from journey to journey. Each shaman develops his own perception and his own approach.

Also different are the entities to which he makes contact. These can be natural beings such as elves, dwarves, etc., but also figures from mythology from Odin to Jesus to Buddha. Also spirit animals, angels and plant devas can be the goal of the shamanic journey.

Basically, the shaman is always able to travel exactly where he can either gain knowledge or cause something.

By the way, the spiritual world knows neither time nor space. Because without matter these two concepts are useless. Thus it is possible for the shaman to go into the past of the client, but also into his former incarnations in order to either determine causes for current problems or even actively make changes.

The Otherworld is known in almost all cultures in one form or another, in the Celtic-Germanic area one knows the terms Otherworld, Other Land, White Land or Apple Land. The Australian Aborigines speak of the Dreamtime.

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